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Silicone Formulations

Silicone Liquid

Silicone Liquid

We offer silicone liquid (LK-SEAL 290) is a oligomeric organosliane unique liquid to form stable water repellent. Silicone liquid (LK-SEAL 290) is penetrating in crack of concrete surface & form film. This material is suitable for crack filling & water repellency of mineral substrates including concrete block, porus & dense brick, clay tile & exposed aggregate concrete. The silicone liquid nature of this product makes it quite suitable for brush application. The product can be applied without any dilution or dilution can be done with solvents like toluene, mineral turpentine oil or any aromatic solvents. The need for dilution is defined by the application. The product starts curing immediately on exposure to air due to the built-in catalyst and the curing is complete within 24 Hrs of application. The built-in catalyst gives a strong adhesion over the applied substrate. Shake the contents after addition of solvent.
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We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of silicone liquid.

Spreading Agent

Spreading Agent

LK-AG Platinum Plus is a premium non-ionic spray adjuvant. It is extremely effective in improving the spreading & wetting of agricultural products on vegetable leafs, fruits etc. allowing quick and effective distribution. This gives superior crop protection and reduces the requirement of pesticides & fungicides.It can improve yields by enhancing the uptake of fertilizers and plant growth promoters (foliar sprays).

LK- AG Platinum Plus promotes spray volumereduction & improving spray coverage area byreducing surface tension and allowingspontaneous spreading. Typical use is from 0.01 %to 0.05% based on formulation requirement. Itcan be used in plant growth regulators (0.01-0.05%), herbicides (0.01-0.05%), insecticides(0.02-0.05%), fungicides (0.02-0.05%) and foliarsprayed fertilizers (0.02-0.05%).

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LK- SIL 100H (100-1000)

LK- SIL 100H (100-1000)

heat stable silicone fluids in various viscosities that have a combination of properties that give superior performance in a wide variety of applications

•Release agent (Plastic/rubber/die casting)
•Liquid Springs and Shock Absorbers
•Heating and heat transfer fluids
•Power transmission
•Metalworking fluids
•Hydraulic fluids
•Instrument gauge fluids
•Dielectric fluids
•Spinneret lubricant and cleaner

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